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When you step into BBT, you will encounter an experience shaped by the principles of innovation, trust and sustainable business development. As a System Integrator, we are here to support the success of your business.

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Managed Services

We manage your business processes safely and ensure that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly. In this way, we enable businesses to focus on their core activities. Under the guidance of our experienced and certified professionals, we help you increase the efficiency of your business and strengthen your competitive advantage, while leaving the complexities of technology to our experts.

With our services such as 24/7 system monitoring, threat detection, data backup and disaster recovery, we enable businesses to continue their operations uninterruptedly and safely. We are also experts in areas such as incident management, change management, cost management, resource optimization, monitoring and backup management.

Field Services & Onsite Support

BBT IT Services helps you assess, plan and design your management capabilities to support your requirements and objectives. These services are supported by applied studies, tool strategies and implementations in ISO/IEC, ITIL and COBIT Standards for service management.


With the impact of recent economic developments, many companies have begun to accelerate their search for cost reductions and efficiency gains. This leads companies to do the best they can in their own fields of activity, while working with the companies that do the best in areas outside their core business. The IT sector seems to be a sector where outsourcing management is frequently and successfully applied due to its dynamic structure.

Asset Management

The rapid change in technology in the IT sector, the increasing trend of product supply and the increasing use of common brands and products in the globalizing world have started to make asset management in the IT sector different.

Consulting Services

Expertise services provided to produce the IT solution that will best match the business plans and problems of the customers, to identify the differences between the customer’s existing IT structures/systems/processes and the targeted structures/systems/processes, to identify integration needs and to provide improvement suggestions and/or to audit the compliance of customer IT systems/processes with national and international standards. Consultancy Services are, in the most general terms, “knowledge-based” services that result in the production of a consultancy report. They do not include the production or commissioning of a product and/or solution.

Server Systems Support

Server Systems Support Service is a technical support service provided in accordance with certain service levels to ensure the installation, operation and maintenance of servers in the IT infrastructure of customers in accordance with the standards. It is carried out and managed on a call-based and service level basis. Basically, the scope of the service is to eliminate hardware problems in server systems and software problems in operating systems and/or software on these hardware and to ensure their smooth operation.

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